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Fitness Ambassador Program

Chelsea N., Influencer Marketing Manager

Chelsea is not only a Marketing Manager but an Influencer herself.  She is ready to help craft your influencer marketing and lead generating strategy.
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Loud Rumor has joined forces with PUSH Agency to get potential members engaged with your online content and through the doors of your gym!

Meet a Few of Our Ambassadors!

The PUSH Agency is America’s largest event staffing agency and Micro Influencer network to date. Our trained talent has helped thousands of businesses nationwide decrease staffing stress and attract, engage, and create lifelong customers.
Simply put, you would be hard pressed to find an agency with a more diverse network than us.   For nearly 15 years, we have been known for staffing events for the best brands in the world. Over the course of time we have organically onboarded over 130,000 brand ambassadors with up to 50 applying each day! 

About 2 years ago we realized the social networks our talent collectively had access to could be of enormous value to many of our customers. This led us to launch our very own Social Media Influencer division, and we can now offer you access to America’s Largest Micro Influencer database!  

Why Choose PUSH?

Eliminate Stress of Managing Brand Ambassadors
Receive full-service support with our adaptable corporate office team and innovative technology to help eliminate campaign stress; saving you both time and money.

- Quick start onboarding allows you to review and approve screened talent and their credentials before the campaign begins

- Proper training and style guides to assure your talent is well educated on your brands mission and campaign expectations

Access to the Largest Micro Influencer Database
Gain immediate access to the largest database of trained local talent in North America. We have a combination of more than 130,000 brand ambassadors, social media influencers, promotional models, and event staffing options in our system.

- Review talent photos, followings, resumes, and reviews

- Create your own campaign surveys and recaps

Get that Positive ROI
PUSH is an ROI delivered service. We give you the ability to customize your own goals to gauge the success of campaign efforts. From email capturing to increased engagement, high quality reviews, and more, we are experienced in the growth of all deliverables that matter most to you.

- Tracking systems consistently communicated throughout your campaign, with the option to pivot strategy mid campaign if needed or desired

- A full-service stats report delivered on the overall results based on campaign measurements

How It Works

  • Establish the goal with KPIs for ambassadors
  • ​Ambassador training & onboarding
  • ​Ambassadors create social media posts
  • ​Posts drive traffic to intake landing pages
  • ​Quality gym leads are generated
  • ​Ambassadors host group workouts with followers and friends
  • ​Gyms follow up with generated leads
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